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Why Should You Choose Hammer Fuel?

Hi! My name is Cat Hammer and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the Founder of Hammer Fuel Sports Nutrition. To all of those athletes out there who are looking to get peak sports performance results and will do anything to gain an edge, I've been there. I am a former NCAA Division II collegiate softball player who spent countless weekends at softball tournaments and every moment I could training. I always wanted to be the best athlete I could be, which led me to find the importance of nutrition for optimal performance. I began to learn how to apply sports nutrition principles to my training and I couldn't believe the increase in energy levels and decrease in recovery time that it provided me.

Just as I was getting the hang of using nutrition to improve my game, it was time to graduate from college and hang up the cleats. I knew I was onto something though, so I continued my education to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition.

Because I have now been through 4 years of college sports, spent 2 seasons as a minor league baseball sports nutrition assistant, am the Head Sports Dietitian at The University of Pennsylvania, and have experience with tactical athletes as well, I have had the ability to speak with A LOT of athletes and have found there is 1 common theme; there is a definite relationship between the emphasis that an athlete puts on their nutrition and the performance outcomes that they see.

There are many factors that cannot be changed when it comes to sports such as coaches, practice and training schedule, school work, weather, etc. but NUTRITION is in your control most of the time. YOU have the ability to give your body the best fuel possible to reach peak performance.

So as an athlete, if you had the ability to increase your chances of getting recruited, getting drafted, breaking records, or just simply being the best athlete you can be, wouldn't you do anything you can to make this happen? With Hammer Fuel Nutrition Programs you will receive individualized programs designed just for you based on your food preferences goals, activity level, training schedule, and daily schedule that will give you the knowledge to fuel your body for success.

Interested in hearing what my clients are saying? Check out my testimonials page to read the performance and lifestyle improvements that I've helped my clients achieve through Hammer Fuel Nutrition Coaching.

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